Sports Betting in the UK

Sports Betting in the UK

The gambling commission of the United Kingdom is in charge of regulating everything to do with gambling and sports betting is a major focus. Due to the large betting market, licensed gambling shops and websites have been created for popular sports especially football and horse racing. Correctly predicting the outcome in all matches of the week is how you win. The first step will therefore be opening an account with one or more betting sites. The more the number of sites the better for you as you will be able to choose the best offer for a bet.

Sports betting market is the most mature and most sites are licensed and highly reliable. Some of these sites include:


Nothing is ever certain in the gambling world. This makes sports betting a favorite for both betters and bookmarkers. If you are looking to venture into sports betting, then here are some tips that you may find helpful:

  1. Ultimately, when you gamble, you will have to lose some money and win sometimes, when lucky. Never view gambling money as money invested. You should always view this as money spent, as if you are expecting no returns from it. It is therefore advisable to set a budget and spare money for betting and for your other needs. As such, any lost money will not have much impact on your normal life.
  2. Your bet size should always be proportional to your budget. A standard bet should get about 1% and wager 2% for a bet you are confident about. Wagering more than 5% in a day is a bad idea and it will potentially leave you chasing losses and get your budget burnt in no time. Only place a bet when you feel that it is underpriced and chances of it favoring you are high.

iii. There are very many betting sites in the UK. Look around for better prices before making any bet. This is done by having multiple accounts with different bookmarkers and split your budget across all accounts. This will make sure you get the best deal at all time. However, always check the bookmarker’s terms and conditions and make sure you are okay with them.

  1. Aside from just getting the best priced bets, getting value bets is important. Taking on the odds is one major way of making profitable bets.
  2. Remember that bookmarkers never pay a ‘fair price’ as they have to stay in business. For instance, tossing a coin may get you a fair price of 1/1. However, you will never get this from bookmarkers. Each outcome may fetch you about 6/8 or even less. In simpler terms, if 10 people bet on £10 each, the winner will get £18.75 while the loser does not get anything. This leaves the bookie with a profit of £62.50.
  3. Never gamble when you are drunk, stressed or feeling emotional. Gambling needs a rational state of mind.

vii. Always have the statistics but better still, ensure that you think through the most influential factors as far as your outcome is concerned.

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Slot Machine Companies

Slot Machine Companies

These are companies that major in the manufacturing and designing of slot machines. The slot machines have gained major popularity in casinos in the recent past. Owners of casinos benefit majorly from these slot machines due to the major profit obtained from gambling. The companies that make slot machines either sell them to casino owners or rent them out at a given fee. These companies have become so widespread and some of them include:

  1. International Gaming Technology (IGT)

This is the biggest land based producer slot machines and video poker. Almost every casino has an IGT slot machine. IGT came well into the picture in 2005 after purchasing Wager Works and since then, they have remained at the top. Thanks to their revenue of close to $2.5 billion, IGT is more than twice larger than the closest competitors. IGT has managed to stay on top due to their innovation. For instance, use of touch screens instead of the out of date button use has placed them a notch higher. Technology in the online slots has also made IGT more popular, for instance stacked wilds, jackpots and free spins. Currently, IGT is a host of over 100 slot games and the most popular include: wheel of fortune, American idol, sex and the city, Elvis, monopoly and many more.

  1. Mikohn Slots Manufacturer

Despite being recently bought by progressive gaming international, Mikohn slots manufacturer has been very successful in the past years. They gained major popularity due to the fact that most of their slot machines were based on already known board games. Players therefore loved the machines as they were already familiar with the games. Another thing, the slot machines offered bonuses on the bases of skill, unlike other machines where this depended on the machine itself. Some of the popular slots by Mikohn include: clue, trivial pursuit, battleship, Garfield, Yahtzee and many more.

  1. Aristocrat

This Australia-based company started the casino industry about 60 years ago and they have been receiving huge profits ever since. In fact, Aristocrat is the producer of about 90% of Australia’s games. We would not be wrong to say that this is a very competitive company. Over the years, in a bid to enlarge themselves, Aristocrat has been trying to spread all over the world and so far they have managed to break into the United States and Europe. They have also been licensed to market their slot machines in Japan. Some of their popular slot machines include: 50 lions, Queen of the Nile, Lady Luck, Dolphin Treasure, Enchanted Forest, Penguin Pays and many more.

  1. Bally Slots Company

This company is based in the United States and after its foundation in 1932, they began by producing pinball machines. However, as these games became less popular, Bally ventured into slots machines and became the first slot machine producers in late 1930s. They have become very successful over the years and their popular slot machines are: playboy slots, Saturday night live, Diamond Line, Pamela Anderson etc.


All That You Wanted to Know about Online Casino Bonuses

Looking to play at a casino and you are wondering whether you should take the No Deposit

Bonus? Most online casinos offer a joining bonus under the form of a No Deposit bonus. This bonus can help you play more as well as mitigate the risk of loss. If you’re new to the world of casinos, make sure to ask how a No Deposit can help you.

What Does a No Deposit Bonus in An Online Casino Mean?

A No Deposit bonus is a promotion scheme that some online casinos offer to all new players while playing on their sites. This is a great opportunity for you to be learning, and at the same time you can check whether you like the game or not. The best part here is that you get the opportunity of playing while following your passion for FREE.

There are two types of no deposit bonuses; namely cashable bonus and non-cashable bonus. As the name suggests, a cashable bonus means you can withdraw the prize money, and the bonus money won there.

A non-cashable bonus, on the other hand, means you can withdraw the prize money, but a no deposit bonus will be deducted from the amount. However, some casinos offer free spins in slot games as a bonus. In short, no deposit bonuses grant you the privilege of playing at an online casino without even spending a dime out of your pocket.

Points to Ponder Upon

What are you looking for when you’ve got an offer for a No Deposit Bonus? Here is a look at some of the things that you need to understand when you’re trying your luck at an online casino.

No Money for the Bonus: Here, you need no money to deposit for getting the bonus. The casino management puts some money into an account on your behalf, and you can use that money for opening up your account with them and playing. In other words, this translates into a unique advantage for a new player.

Online Promotion: No deposit bonuses represent an online promotion for playing with an online casino over the offline ones. This can be seen as an initiative to attract players to the online version of the game.

The opportunity to Hone Your Skill: You can register with a couple of sites and get the no deposit bonus. It will give you the opportunity to play different games on those sites. So, you have the option to know and hone different games free of costs prior to becoming an amateur or professional gambler.

Keeping Track on Money: Wherever you are playing and winning with this No Deposit bonus, you have to keep track of the money because, casinos do not follow a uniform wagering requirement.

What is post-wager deposit bonus?

The bonus amount in post-wager deposit bonus is based on the percentage of the first deposit amount you make while creating an account. You can receive up to hundred percent bonus for a specific amount. The major difference between free bet bonuses and post-wager deposit bonuses is the time taken to credit the amount.

Deposit bonuses are credited immediately whereas post-wager deposit is credited only after set wagering requirements are met. It means you require certain amount in total before the deposited bonus can be released. Once released, it can be instantly withdrawn.

Let us see how it works.

For example, you can receive up to 100 percent bonus up to $100, which is based on the first deposit amount. Now, in order to release the deposit, you must turn it over by five times the bonus. The conditions may vary from casino to casino.

For starting balance- Deposit $100
Wagering requirement- Deposit $100x 500 = $500

The meaning is simple to understand. The casino wants you to bet for $500 in total before the bonus of $100 is deposited in your account. The total amount can be reached in series of bets or on a single bet. In case you lose the bet and lose all your deposit, you can redeposit the amount and continue betting, until wagering is complete.

Main strategic idea behind Post-Wager deposit for casinos Casinos tend to suffer from bonus abuse in case they do not apply conditions for bonus release. In case of bonus abuse, the user just takes the bonus amount and leaves. This has a detrimental effect on any casino and is not sustainable in the longer run. With repeat misuse, the casino will lose its reputation and maybe even have to wind up. You cannot use the bonus funds to leverage higher balance. Therefore, post-wager acts as a counter-

measure against advantage play strategies.

It ensures casino does not lose money and players are legitimate. Overall, it helps create legitimate casino environment where a casino can trust their players and players can trust the casino.

Whenever you are playing online, you need to remember that these bonuses are the counter measures of foul play. Also, they are an additional chance to earn more money if you win your bet. However, know the basic wagering requirement of the casino and other related terms and conditions.

It’s Time To Play Harder!

Learn the game while getting a hold of the No Deposit Bonus. You can play more with it and gain that extra bit of confidence during your bets. Casino playing is fun, why not enjoy it?

Online Bingo – Which One’s The Best?


You can win big with online Bingo in UK.

Everyone knows about Bingo. This game has been part of human culture and history for a long time enabling people to have fun, entertain themselves and socialize, and of course win prizes. Recent years have seen an unprecedented growth in the popularity of Bingo since it landed on the internet in 1996.
Online Bingo in UK

Many people in UK have taken up online Bingo as a hobby. The number of online bingo websites in UK market rose from around 20 in 2004 to more than 350 in 2013. They are owned by newspaper publishers like The Sun and Daily Mail and owners of Bingo halls like Mecca and Gala.
Most popular game of online Bingo in UK

Bingo is a game of sheer luck requiring no skills. The most popular form of Bingo played in the UK is the 90 ball version where players cross out numbers from 1 to 90. They are provided a grid on a card with 3 x 9 rows and columns respectively.

A player can win by marking off all the numbers in one or two rows. A full crossed out card ensures winning by full house. The 75 version of Bingo is common too.
Other features of online Bingo

The online Bingo sites fill out the numbers automatically saving the work of the players.

The websites also offer a chat feature through which players can interact with each other. This social element is one of the biggest factors contributing to the success of online Bingo in UK. People hook up friendships and get the feel of hanging out with their family while playing Bingo.

Some websites pay out real money on winning which you can withdraw. They also give joining bonuses and other incentives when you sign up.
Top online Bingo websites in UK

So, which are the top online Bingo sites you can go to if you live within the UK? Here is a look at some of the popular options out there for you.

The Sun Bingo

It is one of the most popular websites owned by The Sun Paper since 2006. You can play the 75, 80 and 90 ball Bingo. The sophisticated feel of the website is an attraction for many players.


A full house, one and two lines win on Friday, Saturday or Sunday ensures a pot of £100. Selected timings on Tuesday and Thursday offer free Bingo with opportunity to win real cash. The deposit fee is £10 which entitles you a 300% initial deposit bonus.

 Mecca Bingo

Owned by the huge entertainment and leisure company Rank Group plc, this online Bingo website offers 75 and 90 ball Bingo. You can also use your mobile to play Bingo and other games with attractive jackpots.


Mecca is full of exciting incentives and promotions attracting players in large numbers. Their monthly Big Bingo Event can win you $ 50,000. The site constantly updates their promotions and correct timing can get you a bonus of 100% on your £5 deposit.
Bet365 Bingo

This was one of the earliest companies to introduce online Bingo in UK. There is a live casino along with the traditional 75, 80 and 90 ball Bingo. Players can use different currencies and make payments through credit cards and online transfer.

Bet 365 offers a 200% bonus on your initial deposit of £10 giving you £20 free. The current promotions can increase this amount up to 50%. The 90 ball Linx games provide a chance winning cash everyday on guaranteed £10,000. Their Feel Good Friday can win you £50,000 if you are lucky.

Ladbrokes Bingo

This website mainly serves to the UK people offering 75, 80 and 90 ball Bingo. You can also play additional games like slots, poker and participate in live casino and sports betting. Almost 10,000 people win prizes each week on this website.


Ladbrokes is full of ongoing promotions and prizes focused on the player. You only need to make a primary deposit of £10 which can entitle you to a 500% bonus.

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